$3 Million NET Goes to Vets...

A bad day at work for most of us has to do with an annoying coworker or boss, yet for some, a bad day at work has to do with feeling a trigger pressed under a foot during a routine patrol and waking up not realizing that your legs are literally "gone", as described in detail by one of our country's many heroes at the 21st Annual EGBAR Golf Tournament and auction.

Most issues our wounded veterans face after coming home are not only psychological, but logistical as well, when maneuvering in a wheelchair or walking with "new legs" inside of a home.

As many are aware, Gary Sinise took his role as Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump very seriously, and has established a foundation responsible for assisting heroes build free, customized homes.

Simple Green's EGBAR Foundation channels proceeds to vets through the Gary Sinise Foundation; our vets are extremely appreciative and most importantly, adjusted to life back home.

Ocean Bridge Media is honored to be a part of this monumental act of kindness and charitable love, made possible by the thoughtful volunteers and passionate leadership of Simple Green.

Special thanks to Bruce and Viviana Fabrizio, Jeff, JoAnn, and Kasey Hyder, Rose Concilio Putnam, Patrick Sheehan, countless volunteers, and all attendants making this year's charity event possible, focusing efforts on "Making A Difference" throughout the world.

For more information on how you can help as a OBM client or vendor, please reach out to us, or visit Simple Green's EGBAR foundation:




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As an annual sponsor of the EGBAR Foundation, thanks to the makers of Simple Green, 100% of our donated dollars go toward our war veterans, our local schools, and our environment. 


Want to help?  Together, we can make the difference.  Carry the EGBAR Logo on your site.  Ask us how.