3 Quick Glances at Success: 6,000% Sales Lift In Oral Care and Tremendous Upswings In Health Care!

This year's annual NACDS TSE was one of the best that we've been a part of.

OBM had a very busy schedule, hitting numerous meetings with prospective clients eager to start with an agency focused on, and committed to, results.

Just as fulfilling, our valued clients had POS data ready for retail partners to show off the results from their effective campaigns with OBM.

Below are three brief examples we highlight, with two great swing stories-- and an out of the ballpark hit for OBM...!

Since getting MidNite back on the air, in a year and a half the MEDA brand went from a -20% sales decline YOY to a very strong +2% for the year... on a very limited $2MM budget-- that's a 22% annual swing for the brand, and from this position, we will continue growing the brand into even greater positioning with the increase toward television and other media spend.

MEDA will continue working to elevate brands such as Vivarin and Geritol, and OBM is eager to continue developing brands alongside of them, with a great marketing effort led by

Tina Cheng-Avery of Mylan's MEDA.

Another swing was found in the Similasan® Eye segment, down -30% in Walmart alone, total store sales swung up 20% during television promotion, and after promotion, are now holding at 15% for the past 12 weeks.

Similasan® will work with social media this year to increase awareness after the television goes on hiatus. We are looking forward to continued lifts from this remarkable brand. With marketing headed by Yann Pigeaire and Haley Ball, Canadian television may also come into play in the upcoming 2017 year...

Last but certainly not least in our set of examples, working with TheraBreath on multichannel promotions with their sampling, FSI, ​​coupon, and television, the brand hit a historic 6,000% lift in sales.

One of the largest lifts we've ever seen, and we will continue working close with this innovative group, headed by Phil Rubin and Zachary Katz to insure retailers and consumers continue to remain extremely satisfied.

Our BIGGEST congratulations

to three great brands and companies!




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