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Technology moves OBM into 1st place amongst full service agencies

Hitting on one of the four principles for OBM, passion for technology, OBM now offers advanced digital video cross-screen capabilities in TV, mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Targeting users who view a video ad to completion, the individual viewer is now able to be tracked and retargeted to experience the message again on another screen through a proprietary database that houses their IP, IDFA (smart phone), OEMID (smart TV) and 1st party cookie data. Device duplicating not only achieves the appearance of a much larger campaign to the individual, it also meets and exceeds the required "three hit theory" of absolute frequency: exposure to the ad a minimum of three times within the purchase cycle to stimulate purchase decision.

The advantages for OBM clients are significant:

1. re-targeting audiences seamlessly across multiple devices...

2. pre-qualified audiences before purchasing media...

3. pre-determinded reach (digital publishers, TV networks, apps, etc.)...

4. pre-determined timing and sequence of when to reach consumers...

Aligned, the audience, content, and devices work effectively and efficiently to drive action response faster, with increased velocity, equating to greater velocity in product and service sales. This is especially essential for our clients in retail stores, as the key to survival and line proliferation is rooted in velocity.

Fraud detection has been an ongoing struggle for many digital companies, and OBM continues to work with PMP, Private Market Place, which is by invitation only. What this equates to, is a priority access for our clients, cream of the crop publishers, superior video players, increased share of voice and higher VCR (Video Completion Rate) and CTR (Click Through Rate). There is no such thing as "fraud" on our list of PMP partners, where we insist vendors balance quality placement with low CPM.

According to the MRC, Media Ratings Council, on average, only 43.9% of display ads are viewable. What this means is a lack of media integrity in the industry for those willing to work outside of the PMP. With OBM, when our clients purchase 1,000 impressions, they receive 1,000 impressions.

With new technology in place, we are able to...

Plan, big picture, and then proactively reduce waste with incrementality.

Measure, a single interface to measure our clients' audience and brand lift against 1st or 3rd party ratings.

Execute, no longer bound by silos, we can execute campaigns more successfully across all screens.

Optimize every impression across every screen with a single denominator.

Merging new technology with old tricks, competitive conquesting has never been sweeter and our digital clients know this better than anyone. ...But don't just take our word for it, contingent upon campaign size, our clients receive complimentary studies to illustrate lifts in awareness, intent, and sales at retail from the digital initiatives produced through OBM.

Imagine a video campaign tied into the individual consumer via his/her Video On Demand, Programatic TV, smart phone, tablet, and desktop (even his/her doctor's office waiting room)... hitting all screens seamlessly, it's here, and the CPMs are just as competitive as our traditional broadcast and cable TV CPMs, while focusing in on specific targets.

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Four Principles:

• Client Obsession

• Passion For Technology

• Commitment To Operational Excellence

• Long-Term Thinking

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