Happy Earth Day, Here's a $75,000 Donation...

What a pleasure to be with an extraordinary marketing partner with sincere focus on making the world a better place. This year through Simple Green and the EGBAR Foundation, we gave a mobile van and a check for $75,000 to the Bolsa Chica conservatory.

Through the tireless efforts of so many, kids in tier 1 schools with limited economic resources get to go inside the "Windows to Our Wetlands" van and experience the amazing "creatures" that make up our wet lands, from the slimy snails to the star fish, and so much more, greatly impacting lives in a positive and meaningful way.

Educational tents are placed outside of the van, illustrating the importance of our wetlands. Did you know (I didn't): healthy bacteria in our wetlands act as a filter for many of the toxins that run off from agriculture products and the harsh chemicals many of us still use. Wetlands also protect us from heavy rains and even tsunamis, with the ability to absorb excess water.

Thank you to our media vendors who helped donate auction items for this year's event. In total, we raised over $120,000 for our local education. Together, we can make the difference.




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As an annual sponsor of the EGBAR Foundation, thanks to the makers of Simple Green, 100% of our donated dollars go toward our war veterans, our local schools, and our environment. 


Want to help?  Together, we can make the difference.  Carry the EGBAR Logo on your site.  Ask us how.