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Inside the Brilliance of Similasan

For over 35 years, all from a hay fever remedy, Similasan continues to combine a passion for natural ingredients matched with Swiss precision. Take a look inside where the world's products are created, with a high understanding of quality. The team behind this venture is driven by the passion of homeopathy, going back to nature, making the body's healing force stronger verses conventional medicines that can have side effects are rarely correct the problem. The company is driven to develop new products for global distribution to provide positive impact to the health and healing of patients and customers around the world.

Millions of dollars in media value, OBM is proud to launch the new commercial airings for Similasan's eye relief line. Developed by Burn's Agency, the creative messaging hits the core essence of the Similasan eye products. Airings begin April 18th, 2016 and we look forward to yet another prolific marketing campaign together.




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