TheraBreath Leaves Good Taste In Retailers' Mouths

TheraBreath continues to experience double-digit growth in all channels due to increases in distribution, line proliferation, and velocity.

Walmart sales alone were up in October +36% verses a year ago before OBM turned on the national television to provide additional awareness. Consisting of programming that proved successful in earlier test markets, TheraBreath's national sales elevated to +70% in November vs a year ago with the addition of OBM television. Void of any change in marketplace or seasonal trend, OBM's planning and placement achieved a +34% increase in velocity for the brand. As our marketing partners know, OBM is very focused on economies balanced with quality programming and placement, which naturally gives way to greater returns on the media investment over other agencies.

Examining the Fourt-Woodlock equation, media contributes to a calculated increase in awareness, whereas purchase intent is a greater function of the creative messaging itself; aside from media awareness, brand sales credit is also due to the remarkable message being aired, featuring TheraBreath's very own Dr. Katz in a very playful, yet authoritative and highly effective way of getting the TheraBreath message across.

TheraBreath has integrity in product with effective attributes to back marketing claims, and with marketplace, message, and media aligned, this CPG brand is on a very controlled and well managed upward trajectory for years to come.

TheraBreath will be returning to the air shortly to continue the profitable airing of ads, as this unique brand continues to capture and retain loyal users...

Contact us direct if you'd like to sample product, or find it onine through Amazon...

Advice From Dr. Katz...




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