Drug-free sleep aid comes home

Welcome home, MidNite.

OBM proudly partners with MidNite's new owners, Meda Consumer Healthcare, Inc. to revive the #1 drug-free brand status after a multi-year television hiatus. The revitalized television media plan will be a historical marker for the brand, reintroducing itself to consumers nationwide as it promotes its unique promise of drug-free sleep, found inside new packaging.

Under OBM's care, the brand originally grew from five to eight digits in volume, becoming the #1 drug-free sleep aid.

Attributes to the product are substantial. Starting with form, MidNite is a tablet with an exceptional cherry flavor that melts in the mouth without the need to take with water. Addressing functionality, there aren't any drug interactions when using MidNite, so the product is available to everyone suffering from sleep issues. Another significant attribute aside from its drug-free claim is the avoidance of a groggy state upon awakening, a claim that drug-based sleep aids cannot make.

Targeting women 35+, OBM will reinforce the MidNite message to the brand's core users in the U.S and Canada through placing New York based agency Glue Advertising's creative, planned to begin in September 2015. Following its initial campaign, OBM will open the brand further for consideration into television sponsorships and other media possibilities like print, digital video, programmatic television and endorsement radio.

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