Television effectiveness study

OBM reports findings from MarketShare to show that television provides a direct and meaningful sales lift not only by increasing awareness and consideration, but also by increasing the effectiveness of other marketing vehicles further down the purchase funnel.


1. Across the industries examined, TV has the highest relative efficiency in achieving KPIs, when compared to other media drivers such as digital and other offline such as print and radio;

2. In spite of the changes in consumer habits over the last few years, TV’s effectiveness at driving advertiser KPIs has not diminished;

3. Marketers can use advanced analytic techniques to optimize TV spend more effectively. MarketShare analysis indicates that marketers should not limit rapid-analytics driven optimization to digital marketing alone. Leveraging high frequency data to gain quick insights on performance to reallocate resources by TV type, network, creative, and day part can impact results materially;

4. Premium online video from broadcast and cable TV networks is disrupting the digital

media mix. Despite lower impression volumes, premium video content is clearly more effective than user generated and short-form content.

"In addition to its direct impact on driving sales, TV’s influence on the effectiveness of marketing communications throughout the purchase funnel is consistently the highest amongst media channels. MarketShare’s research showed that for two firms representing the financial services and automotive industries, the full impact of TV is not adequately captured solely by its direct effect on KPI outcomes e.g. unit sales. TV is also a major driver of consumer interest and desire. As such, TV is a major driver of indirect outcomes such as inbound calls, organic search query volumes and website visits—which, in turn, lead to direct outcomes, such as purchases or other significant conversions."




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