OBM DREAM TEAM /əbm drēm tēm/

Noun: the award-winning team of dedicated experts from strategy through execution, unleashing your greatest growth potential and generating the greatest sales lifts of your professional career.

OBM is made up of professionals across North America, priding itself in employee retention and satisfaction. One of our agency leads are immediately assigned to a team of no less than 7 experts actively working on your account.

Agency leads, left to right:

Maureen Jordan, Vice President, Group Media Director- 16 years with OBM

Carly Fentress, Vice President, Client Services- 12 years with OBM

Heidi Lane, Managing Partner- New to OBM in 2021, bringing 35 years of experience

Cary Herrman, President- 18 years with OBM

Allison Rhodes, Vice President, Business Development- 14 years with OBM

Ramie Ostrovsky, Chief Executive Officer- 18 years with OBM

Rebekah Saiz, Senior Director of Media Strategy- 13 years with OBM


"Work is love made visible."


OBM is on the lookout for amazing talent.


Our team is motivated by love for all things media and for the clients it represents- that's why the best choose to work at OBM, and it's why they stay.

  • Excellent benefits package​

  • Remote work opportunities

  • Community outreach volunteering

  • Pet friendly workspace

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