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كيف يتم الدفع لشركة OBM؟

كيف تتعامل شركة OBM مع سلامة العلامة التجارية؟

ما هو نهج OBM فيما يتعلق بالشفافية والنزاهة ضمن العرض البرنامجي؟

كيف يتم الدفع لشركة OBM؟


OBM works on a competitive commission basis, applying a tiered markup on media for planning and buying based upon media spend. At times, OBM has structured deals where partial commissions are invested into the brand.

No arbitrage. No internal profiting flipping remnant inventory. Savings are passed onto clients- which gives OBM the edge.


Digital advertising on platforms where content is user-generated (UGC) and not curated has inherent risks. OBM vigorously pursues every brand safety precaution and technology available to mitigate these risks, and we encourage all clients to make use of these tools. We help clients understand the risks inherent in such environments and consult with them on their level of risk tolerance while evaluating brand safety versus performance.

OBM also deploys 1P data, NLP & VCR with Behavioral engagement to ensure the ads we serve hit their intended devices. 


OBM takes a very clinical, data-driven approach in developing a comprehensive and sophisticated programmatic supply practice. 

By applying the principles of supply path optimization, OBM consolidates its programmatic investments in the cleanest, fairest, and most efficient path to our premium publishers’ inventory. 

By only sourcing inventory from a select number of ADS.TXT and APP-ADS.TXT authorized exchanges, wherever available, against an inclusion list of domains, OBM automates the purchase of the right supply for its clients. OBM has also adopted openRTB protocol, known as sellers.json, to help detect major sources of fraud.


Beyond compliance with laws like GDPR and CCPA, OBM has a Global Data Governance program, with Data Privacy as one of three core pillars (along with Data Governance and Data Ethics).

In many cases, we don’t need consumers’ personal information to achieve clients’ campaign objectives. If we don’t need it, we don’t gather it or use it. A key tenet of almost all privacy legislation around the world is giving consumers clear notice of how their data is to be used and offering them choice over use. Transparency and choice are things we’ve long promoted; we’ve supported every major industry initiative to inform and educate consumers. Our program includes privacy by design implementation for all internal technologies and processes and comprehensive supply chain privacy and IT security due diligence.

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